After a lot of waiting and a hell of a lot more speculating we finally got a much better look at the PlayStation 5 on June 11th and with that came a ton of hilarious memes about the console. But today I wanted to compile and cover everything you need to know about the PlayStation 5 so let's jump into it.
Starting off, of course we have to talk about the design and specifications of the console itself. Design wise the PlayStation 5 sports a two-tone black and white design with two white fins coming out at either side of the console, a very interesting choice to say the least. It also stands up vertically and is supported by a rectangle stand, although it is removable and can also be placed horizontally. Now again, the design of the console alone sparked a huge debate on social media, a lot of people don't like it and a lot of people do like it. 
It's definitely a bold design choice from Sony but the same goes with Xbox too. I guess this year we have the Xbox fridge and the Playstation router To look forward to. Anyway, in addition to this there are two different versions of the PlayStation 5, one with an optical disc drive and the other being a digital version that comes without the disc drive. The design of both are pretty much identical but the digital edition is naturally going to be a bit slimmer.

Enough about the design now let's talk about specs! With Sony coming out and stating that the performance of the PS 5 will be ground breaking, spec wise here's what were looking at, working with a solid-state drive at the PlayStation 5 will reduce 15 second loading time to 0.8 seconds. With game installations being more configurable thanks to the way the SSD works as an example, a player will be able to delete a single-player campaign without removing the multiplayer. If individual developers choose to support such a thing the PS 5 will also be working with a 10.28 teraflop GPU clocked at 2.234 gigahertz and 825 gigabytes of internal storage, the same as around 25 Nintendo switches. In terms of the PS 5 SRAM it boasts a 16 gigabyte of gddr5 game loading actually comes from and to finalize this section of the video.

Let's talk about the PS 5's user interface, which is getting completely revamped from the beloved ps4 version. According to a GamesRadar article,
"The idea is to give you instant access to what single-player missions you could do or what multiplayer matches you could join without even having to be off the game."

"Multiplayer game servers will provide the console with this set of joinable activities in real time single-player games will provide information like what missions you could do and what rewards you might receive for completing them and all of those choices will be visible within the UI itself. As a player you just jump right into whatever you like." 
Now this alone sounds like a pretty big step up compared to the ps4 UI and overall specs wise the PS 5 is blocking pretty good at the end of the day.

Good hardware is nothing without good games! a great console with no games is destined to tank, thankfully though, the June 11th event fed us with an unsub awesome looking titles for the PlayStation 5.

Starting off, we have the follow up to:

Spider Man coming at this holiday which will shift the focus from Peter Parker to his spider suit-wearing successor Miles Morales.
We also have the sequel to horizon zero dawn, in the form of the gorgeous looking horizon of forbidden west and all of its new graphical achievements included! If you haven't played horizon zero dawn yet, definitely an underrated game that you should check out.
Another series getting an all-new installment is hitman with hitman 3 coming to PlayStation 5 in January 2021, which will conclude the fantastic hitman at reboot trilogy.
It wouldn't be a lineup of new game announcements without a remake or two thrown into the mix, and one came in the form of demon souls. Truth be told, I've had nothing but good things about this game and even Dark Souls, and I've yet to play them. I love games that "don't baby you through the process" and are a little bit more challenging than normal, so I'll definitely be trying this one out and I'll also be trying Dark Souls out sometime soon as well.
Moving on now to one of these stars of the show, we have the gorgeous new Ratchet and Clank game rift apart. I just love seeing games that I used to play when I was younger, come back stronger than ever with new releases, so this is yet another one I will most definitely be playing. 
And I can't bring up the PS 5 reveal without talking about the moment everybody's heart stopped when seeing the rockstar logo only to then realize that it's not GTA 6 but it's just an expanded version of GTA 5 that's coming to the PS 5. Seriously, at this point GTA 5 is pretty much the Skyrim of Rockstar Games. I wouldn't be surprised if we see GTA 5 coming to something like fridge monitors in the near future or something.
Anyway, just to mention a few more games:

We have a GhostWire: Tokyo which is a spooky new action-adventure from the creators of the evil within. Another intriguing locking game is Kena: Bridge of Spirits which is a story-driven adventure game that comes with absolutely charming visuals and there is quite literally a ton more games that were revealed, 26 in total if you include the free game for all ps5 users known as Astro's Playroom. I would love to go into detail on all of these games but that would make this article a bit long, so what I will say is that most of these games look incredible and if you haven't watched the PS 5 reveal event yet, I definitely suggest you check it out.

Of course the best game in the world is worthless if you don't have a decent controller. imagine trying to steer a Lamborghini with an NES power glove. for a while now we've known all about the controller through leaks and the recent presentation pretty much confirm those leaks for us. Sony has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this thing with some of it's features including adaptive triggers, which can match the tension of in-game actions. One example given here was the pullback of an arrow with a bow another feature here is improved haptic feedback, which delivers a variety of powerful sensations that you'll feel when you play such as the slow grittiness of driving a car through the mud. It also comes with a built-in microphone arrays so if you need to chat you can just hop right in, and of course it also comes with a rechargeable battery and a central touchpad design-wise it looks a little closer to what an xbox controller would look like I would say, but overall it's looking pretty damn good.
Along way of showing ps5 and its controller, we also got a look at some of the accessories that will be available for the console these include a pulsar 3d wireless headset, which offers 3d audio support, and a noise cancelling microphone, HD camera featuring 1080p lenses which you can use for streaming a media remote with a built-in microphone to navigate movies and streaming services with ease. 
So, it's time to talk about the release date and price of the console. These are really the only two subjects which are kind of up in the air right now in terms of a release date so far holiday 2020 is as specific as they are getting. I'm kind of fed up of hearing holiday 2020 is like a release date for everything lately but what that pretty much means is somewhere between October and December and we're thinking the latter half of that is more likely to try and take advantage of the Christmas shopping boom. I'm guessing somewhere in November probably towards the end of November is when will most likely see in terms of the price of the console. 

Again, this is kind of just up in the air right now but there have been rumblings about the new Playstation costing a staggering $500 which would be a steep jump up from the PlayStation 4 which was only around $400 now. 

This isn't confirmed by any means. This is just what a bunch of analysts have kind of predicted but it would kind of make sense considering the hardware upgrades that PlayStation 5 has now included.

Hopefully it will be a little bit less than that but again, we are kind of just waiting to see what the price of the console is and that's pretty much it.

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