Best browser in terms of security and speed

If you're a person that uses internet a lot, using a better web browser can be a game changer for you. The right web browser can make a huge change in your everyday life making it easier and help you stay well organised.

However, you may need to let go of your current browser which can be tricky breaking out of your comfort zone. Your current browser might not be the best regardless of your system, but you're used to using it for years without even realising there are better options for you that could make your life so much easier.

An ideal web browser must offer balance between performance, security and flexibility through downloadable extension. I've ran a basemark test on my three best picks. You can do the test on your pc yourself here 

Each web browser has gone through 20 tests done by basemark online browser test. I've conducted the tests without running any background applications. Here is the list of tests done by basemark.

1. Erastosthenes Sive test
2. Bitwise test
3. Built-in objects test
4. WebGL 1.0.2 test
5. WebGL 1.0.2 test (2)
6. Shader pipeline test
7. Draw call stress test
8. Geometry stress test
9. Canvas test
11. jQuery test
12. AngularJS test
13. Backbone.js test
14. Crunch test
15. DOM search test
16. DOM create source test
17. CSS capabilities test
18. HTML5 capabilities test
19. Page load and responsiveness capabilities test
20. Resize capabilities test

Here's how the web browsers have scored


Opera browser is one of my favourite browser which i prefer over chrome because of it's various features that even most of the reputable web browsers lack. Features such as in built whatsapp messenger and Facebook Messenger make it the one go to web browser in the market. Opera browser runs on chromium based browser using blink layout. It's unique layout and distinct user interface and various features make it one of the best. However, it loses to chrome by    but if you are willing to make some compromise then it's for you.


Clearly the winner here over opera. Chrome is fast and secure with better performance but it is widely known for it's only con which is massive ram usage. It's a very needy web browser when it comes to storage and ram bringing even systems with 16gigs of ram to their knees. However the extension feature adds charm to it.


Microsoft edge has been and being backlashed for it's slow performance as an internet meme. Although, the web browser has come a long way from what it used to be. Improved user interface and design but still lacks some features which is costing it to under-perform comparatively to other web browsers. If you're   a lite internet user and don't want any third party browser in your system, I'm pretty sure you can survive your day with this.


Chrome wins the race outrunning opera and microsoft edge placing opera at 2nd position and microsoft edge at 3rd.

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