Apply These Secret Techniques To Improve PUBG Graphics

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to boost your fps and visuals in pubg mobile, gfx tool is all you need. It will spare you from manually reconfiguring your smartphone. All you need to do is download gfx tool form playstore and pick the game version you'll be playing, and from there select resolution you like, frame rates per second and the graphics style you want to display. Once you're done with your graphics preferences setup, all you need to to is launch the game within the gfx tool but before that make sure you don't have pubg running in the background (important) otherwise the effect won't load. Easy peasy.

The difference you'll notice depends on your phone specifications and Android terminal. You'll notice many kinds of improvements, such as increased fps, improved graphics etc. But there's a catch though. If you're using a low end or mid ranged smartphone, you'll have to make compromises in visuals if you want more fps and vise versa. For example, you can change your resolution to lower from your current resolution to get better fps but you'll have to deal with a little bit of pixelation, mostly unnoticeable but don't lower it too much or else you won't be able to see your enemies and in the meantime you'll be shooting blind.


as soon as you open the app (gfx tool) you'll see a screen like this with a bunch of options which you can select from. Don't freak, out we're not there yet.

Select version

Select the game version you'll be playing. There are different versions of pubg mobile available, such as Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Taiwanese and beta version. GP is the global version which is available in English and developed by lightspeed studio. If you've downloaded pubg from playstore, go for GP.


Resolution is the size of your screen. Choose your preferred resolution from the drop down menu. Lower your resolution if your game becomes choppy. If you have low end phone i recommend you to go for lower resolution than your original resolution. And if you don't know your device resolution Google your device name and add resolution at it's end.


Graphics comes with seven options from lower to extreme. Try each one until you obtain your preferable visuals. Lower it if your game lags.

Frames per second (FPS)

FPS stands for frames per second. The higher the frame rates, the smoother the gameplay becomes. Assuming you're using this tool for High frame rates  in the first place, always go for higher option (60FPS).


Anti aliasing makes your textures smoother. If you feel like you're game is too much pixilated, turn this on and set it to the point you want.


Set your desirable colour filter for the game. Doesn't make much difference other than aesthetic purpose. Available in 5 different options.

Rendering Quality

Rendering Quality is the quality of your textures such as shadows and shaders etc. Makes your game more detailed in graphics. Lower it if you face lag.


Turn it on if you want to display in game shadows. Useful to spot enemies in some scenarios. Also suppresses performance in low end devices.

Shadow distance

The distance level from shadows start appearing. Choose from lower to extreme.

Moving shadows

Shadows of moving objects such as vehicle and players.

Light effects

It is the shiny effects you see in your helmet and metal objects, gunfire etc. Disable for better performance.

GPU optimisation

It helps to optimise your game performance using your device's in built GPU. Turn it on if your device is equipped with a well built GPU.

Sound quality

This option is available in recent updates of GFX tool. It fixes low volume issue many have been complaining about.

Save controls

This is very useful in case you uninstall your pubg game. It saves your control settings such as sensitivity, layout and other customised options for you.

Important: you need to reapply every time you update and make sure PUBG isn't running in the background.

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