What is battle royale ?
Giving a brief description, battle royale games are basically surviving games. You get dropped off of a airplane or any sort of flying vehicle in an island. Then you have to find supplies such as guns, medication kits, bullet proof vest, helmets etc. essential stuff to survive and keep yourself alive till the end which is the whole point. Eliminate rest of the players as the playing zone keeps getting smaller and smaller. The one who survives till the end is the winner.

Here are 3 basic rules to follow in any battle royale game unless you want to get yourself killed :p
  1- find supplies (guns are most important object) as quickly as you can
  2- eliminate other players (yeah kill them)
  3- always remain in the play zone (or else you die)

So, these are pretty much basic things you need to know before you step into the ultimate arena.
Player unknown's battleground (simply referred as PUBG)
Since it's huge success on PC platform, the most famous battle royale game, player unknown has launched it's Android version. Developed by PUBG Corp. and published by tencent. After few weeks of it's release in 100 countries, it became the title of most downloaded game on both playstore and iOS app store. It's has over 100 million downloads of it's mobile version, reaching a milestone and it's been only four months since it has released on Android and iOS platform and  already been placed first on top grossing action games category on playstore.

The mobile version is absolutely free to play but it has microtransactions like in app purchases to gain income. Unlikely the PC and Xbox version that released in early 2017,  cost money to buy and somewhat expensive to some extent. The mobile version's recent partnership with mission impossible - fallout movie added outfits and theme music.

The game requires better hardware (RAM, GPU) to run smoothly. If you have a phone less than 2gb RAM it will lag but there's a lite version of this game on it's way which is a lighter version of the exact game. The difference is the lite version will have 40 players in each match unlike the original version where you have 100 players in each game. It is currently available only in Philippines but sooner it will be available on a global scale.

The game currently runs on global version of 0.7 but the timi version which is Chinese version of the game runs on 0.9 with more features. hopefully the global release of 0.9 wouldn't take too long.

Fortnite Android version on it's way!
Fortnite mobile game has already reached more than 100 million downloads back when it was only available on iPhone and iPad devices in July. According to app tracking firm Apptopia it would take 206 more days for PUBG to hit the milestone on just iOS, but the data was not taking the Google Play app store for Android into account. The stable version of Android not yet available but It's beta version is currently available for some flagship Android devices with better performing gpu. Anyway, the game won't run smoothly on underperforming outdated phones with less specs. It will lag but hopefully gfx tools might make a graphic reducing tool for it as it did for PUBG mobile.

It has reported that fortnite mobile won't be available on playstore but you can download it from it's official website www.epicgames.com
Are you excited about fortnite mobile version? And which battle royale you prefer the most? Let me know in the comments below :)

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